Tempur-Pedic's all-new fully integrated sleep system keeps you consistently cool all night long. So you can maximize your sleep — hour after hour, night after night.



Personalized cooling for consistently better sleep.

Patent-Pending Airflow Technology

All-new dual-zone technology — designed with an ultra-quiet fan system integrated into the adjustable base — pushes filtered air through the mattress to keep the sleeping surface consistently cool. A removable, washable filter ensures cleaner air for our most refreshing night’s sleep.

State-of-the-Art Air Distribution

A unique, breathable layer that evenly diffuses air through the mattress to the entire sleeping surface allowing air to cool every inch of your body, all night long.

Custom Settings

Our most innovative cooling technology allows you to customize your sleep environment with dual-sided, individual control of temperature and humidity.

Consistent Comfort

ACTIVEbreeze° featuring ActiveAir™ Technology circulates filtered air through your mattress to keep your sleep temperature consistently cool and dry throughout the night.

Our Coolest Sleep Ever

ACTIVEbreeze° keeps your sleep environment up to 2X cooler** throughout the night. From cover to core, every component has been designed to deliver our most-advanced cooling system for your coolest, most comfortable sleep.

**Based on average heat index increase of TEMPUR-ACTIVEbreeze° over 8-hour period with the fan on high setting compared to average heat index increase of TEMPUR-ACTIVEbreeze°over 8-hour period with the fan off.

Plus, You Control the Airflow

Our most innovative cooling technology allows you to customize your sleep environment with dual-zone control of temperature and humidity. Both you and your partner can individually select from low, medium or high settings to reach your ideal sleep temperature.

Take a Look Inside ACTIVEbreeze°

A fully integrated and customizable cooling sleep system, the all-new ACTIVEbreeze® features ultra-quiet fans in the base that push filtered air through ventilated layers of our exclusive TEMPUR® Materials.

  • Smartclimate® 3D Dual Cover System

    A zip-off, cool-to-touch outer cover with 3D high-stretch breathable fabric that ensures maximum airflow and ultimate comfort.

  • Ventilated TEMPUR® Comfort Layer

    Advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support — now with a ventilated design to channel airflow.

  • Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer

    Our most pressure-relieving material ever — with an updated design to maximize airflow.

  • Distribution Layer

    This unique breathable layer evenly diffuses air across the entire sleep surface.

  • Airflow Technology

    A fully integrated adjustable base with ActiveAir™ Technology pushes filtered air through the mattress.

Also Featuring the TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power Base

Elevate your sleep experience with Ergo Extend — included in the ACTIVEbreeze° Sleep System.

Zero Gravity

With the tap of a button, take the pressure off your back while you sleep — elevating your head and feet to closely simulate weightlessness.

Experience the
Cooling Power
of ACTIVEbreeze®

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ActiveAir™ Technology is a fully integrated and personalized cooling sleep system driven by ultra-quiet fans in the adjustable foundation that push filtered air through specially designed ventilated layers of TEMPUR® Material, delivering a continuous airflow to the entire surface area of the mattress.

  • The microclimate is the area between the mattress and the covers. Throughout the night, temperature and humidity increase dramatically in the microclimate, well above room temperature. This increase in temperature and humidity can result in major sleep disturbance as your body works to keep a constant temperature.

    ACTIVEbreeze° significantly reduces the temperature and humidity to remain consistently low throughout the night for the perfect microclimate conditions and a better night’s sleep.

  • ACTIVEbreeze° is an integrated sleep system that consists of a 12" ACTIVEbreeze° Medium Feel TEMPUR® mattress and the ACTIVEbreeze° Ergo Extend adjustable foundation. The mattress and base are not available for purchase separately.

  • The ACTIVEbreeze° mattress includes a 10-year warranty. The ACTIVEbreeze° Ergo Extend adjustable base warranty is full coverage of parts and labor (1-3 years), full coverage of parts only (4-5 years), and frame only (1-25 years).

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