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— by Susan on Mar 25, 2020

“Have been a convert since the mid 90s when an engineer friend working for NASA at the time spoke wonders about Tempur-Pedic technology. After trying out his newly arrived TP bed a day or so out of the box, I was absolutely shocked by the level of support, comfort and basically feeling as if I were enveloped by a cloud. The stress of the work day and a tough lifting session at the gym seemed to melt away - literally! I never forgot that feeling and I immediately realized it put my 5 year old top of the line Serta (which was never super comfortable) to shame. I knew I had to get a TP myself so I immediately started to save!! My first was an Allura (now phased out) which lasted a good 15 years and my brother insists on using it now as it still has life left!


Years later I gifted my mom a Rhapsody to help with lots of orthopedic issues/surgeries and as of a few months ago am the proud owner of a LuxeAdapt Firm which the TP Customer Service rep explained to me was the closest feel today to the Allura that I loved so much (medium firm but very cushiony with a pillow-top made of TP HD material). I'm sleeping consistently through the night and ALWAYS look forward to crashing on my LuxeAdapt and 5 TP assorted pillows including the body pillow (all fantastic and long-lasting). It's almost impossible to put a price on the quality of your sleep and comfort and when the inevitable day comes that I have chronic aches and pains, I know these mattresses will be there to provide great comfort and elevate my mood/overall well-being. I must admit that the worst thing about these mattresses has to be having to pry yourself out of bed in the morning sometimes and I'm sure other fans can relate!! LOL. Thank you to all the wonderful folks at Tempur-Pedic!!! Forever a satisfied customer!!”

– Tempur-Pedic Convert for Life!!! from McLean, VA on Nov 27, 2019, TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Firm


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