Delivery Day FAQs

It’s all in the details! To make sure your delivery and set-up go smoothly, we need to cover every detail of our home delivery. Let’s make sure it all goes exactly as planned.

    • We'll ship your product to a home delivery partner near you.
    • They'll call you a day or more in advance to arrange a delivery date and two-hour delivery window.
    • The delivery company will contact you 30 minutes prior to arrival on the day of delivery.
    • A responsible adult (18 + years old) must be present during delivery.
    • Clear any obstacles (furniture or pictures on the wall) along the path to the delivery location.
    • You must verify your product will fit into your home and/or upstairs prior to delivery.
    • We will haul away an existing mattress or move it to a different location within the home. If the current product to be removed is in a questionable state (unsanitary, heavily soiled, etc.), the delivery carrier may reserve the right to refuse removal. We'll also remove all packaging materials from your home.
    • We use an in-home delivery service to deliver most of our large bedding products. Other products, including some mattresses, are delivered by parcel service and do not include in-home installation or mattress removal. Once you place your order, the local carrier will call you to schedule your delivery. Delivery is typically 7 to 14 business days from the day you place your order, with deliveries arriving more quickly in metro areas than rural areas.
    • We do not dispose of, move, assemble, or disassemble your existing furniture pieces or any non-Tempur-Pedic products. This includes, but is not limited to, attaching a headboard to a base. However, our home delivery carriers will install headboard brackets to a Tempur-Pedic® base if they have them at the time of delivery. Our home delivery carriers will not install headboard brackets to non-Tempur-Pedic products or non-Tempur-Pedic headboards to base brackets.
    • Ergo® Smart Bases are physically installed in the room of choice and checked for app connectivity. The home delivery team is not responsible for installing and configuring the app on your device that controls the base. Read more about how to download and install the Sleeptracker® mobile app.
    • All bed products (mattresses, foundations, power bases and bed frames) are delivered separately from smaller products and accessories.
    • All our new adjustable bases require zero surface clearance. This means the bases can be placed on the floor or on a flat platform and operate properly. However, please follow weight tolerance and leg requirements to reduce damage to your furniture and/or platform base.
    • If the platform bed (or any type of furniture, slats, etc.) is certified to hold 1000 pounds, there is no issue to put the adjustable base on it, and legs are not needed.
    • If the platform bed (or any type of furniture, slats, etc.) is NOT certified to hold 1000 pounds, DO NOT place the adjustable base (and mattress) on the platform bed without legs. If there are openings for legs to fit through (to the floor), you may use the included legs for proper support.
    • If there is any doubt about the weight capacity of any furniture type, the included legs should be used.
    • Ergo® Bases will fit inside bed frames, provided the bed frame dimensions are 1/2 inch wider and 1/2 inch longer than the base's dimensions.
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