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Adjust your base to nearly any position — with a max head tilt range of 57° and foot raise range of 46°. Raise your head to watch TV, read, and help reduce snoring or raise your legs to increase circualtion and take pressure off your back. Even enjoy a personal massage.”

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A couple relaxing on a Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable power base

Zero Gravity

Elevates your head and feet to closely simulate weightlessness and help take the pressure off your back while you sleep.

Available on our Ease, Tempur-Ergo, and Tempur-Ergo Extend models.

Quiet Mode

Gently tilts your mattress to an anti-snore position.

Available on our Tempur-Ergo, and Tempur-Ergo Extend models.

A couple sleeping with the man slightly elevated using the Quiet Mode power base feature.
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4 Zone Massage

Unwind with soothing, gentle massage vibrations to help lull away the stresses of the day, both mentally and physically. Available with 3 levels of intensity in 4-zones.

Available only on our Tempur-Ergo Extend models.

Tempur-Pedic Power Bases

See how the features and benefits of our Ease, Ergo, and Ergo-Extend power bases stack up.


EASE® has all the features you need in a power base, upgraded for custom comfort. With nearly unlimited ergonomic head and foot positions, and presets for customized comfort.

Features: Head and Foot Lift, Zero Gravity preset, Wireless Remote.


Save $300

When you purchase a qualifying mattress + adjustable power base set.

Take Your Sleep to the Next Level

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